About Us

RAIR Air is a premier provider of Aircraft Charter, Aircraft Management, Aircraft Maintenance, Sales & Acquisitions, and Aviation Consulting solutions. We champion the need for sophisticated class and the power of flight while having one main thing in mind - our clients. RAIR Air was born from generations of innovative spirits bearing the desire for great service. Fusing our heritage with our passion for flight, we have the capability and composure to build an experience that promises a celebration for not only where our clients have been, but where their next adventure will take them. We strive to bring back the true meaning of service. You are no longer a number if you fly with us. You are considered. You are remembered. You are made to feel special when you Fly RAIR. 


We know our way around the industry. You’d be pressed to find a company that has the outsider perspective that we have. Aviation wasn’t in our bloodline. It was our dream. We grew up dreaming of flying. We chased our dreams. To get to where we are today, we’ve experienced the good, bad and misguided. By these experiences, we’ve found a different way to fly. A way that makes the client feel remembered. We strive to understand the needs and aspirations of our clients, then we knit those needs and aspirations together to generate a feeling or care that they can rely on. We’ve eliminated the white noise between us and our clients. 


It was during our time spent working in commercial aviation that we discovered the new system of private charter service. A way to deliver service where the customer felt in control again. Where a team of people worked as a family. Where each staff and employee cared and invested not just in the lives of our clients, but in the lives of each other as well. That is unique. That is different. That is rare. Uncommon for certain. We are a team. The transition is seamless from one employee to another. With this kind of environment, it’s easy to direct all of our efforts of great service toward our clients.


We are pioneering the way for our clients to feel valued and intentionally cared for maybe the first time ever in the aviation world. They become part of something special. And, that is what makes us RAIR.




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Overused in our industry, the word service has lost its true meaning. Not when you Fly RAIR. After your first flight with RAIR, your likes, wants, and needs are logged into our database so that any time in the future that you fly with us you will have only your favorites when you are picked up, on board and upon arrival. We love to spoil people. We love to be the part of their day that helps them smile. They depend on that service. Deeply rooted in our southern ways, hospitality comes easily to us. It’s just who we are. It’s a massive part of our story. 



Trained by some of the best in the industry, we take pride in the effortless feeling that our clients feel when they’re in the air. We have spent years mastering and training what it means to glide within the clouds. Our training never stops. We continue to put only the best pilots in the air. One of our Founding Partners has paved the way and has set the bar higher than any other aviation company in the industry. 



RAIR isn’t just a team. We’re family. Experience has shown that there is a major disconnect between the pilot and the staff. Between the staff and the employees. Between the employees and the head honchos. With RAIR there are no disconnects. We come together as a family and celebrate all that we have done together. We celebrate each other’s accomplishments. We work towards our goals as a family. It is our system. It is the RAIR way.