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By fusing our innovative approach to aviation consulting with a true passion for providing flawless service, we take the stress and uncertainty out of every step of your aviation adventure. Let us handle your jet acquisitions and sales, aircraft upgrades and renovations, and corporate flight analysis, so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.


Jet Acquisitions & Sales

Are you ready to purchase a new or used jet? Is it time to sell your current aircraft? Let RAIR guide you through every step of the process with our signature care and compassion. Our knowledge of the latest market trends and our jet buying and selling expertise will make each transaction easy for you. We will:



Aircraft Upgrades & Renovations

When you settle into the seat of your aircraft,we know that you want to feel safe, modern and luxurious. RAIR is committed to helping you create the aircraft of your dreams though upgrades and renovations. You have the vision, and we will create it.


RAIR will handle every step of the upgrade or renovation process, from the exterior details to the avionics. Let us guide you through:






Streamline your corporate flight operations the stress-free way by letting RAIR analyze and strategize to achieve ease and efficiency. We are dedicated to making your aircraft ownership experience as efficient and enjoyable as it can be, and that includes minimizing operating costs and maximizing your investment.


Are you ready to relax by letting RAIR handle the details? Contact us and let’s make your aviation goals a reality.