and Fly


At RAIR, our job is to keep your airplane flying. From performing maintenance to hiring crew, we make aircraft ownership easy so you can fly when you want, where you want, without any hassle. You’ll know that your private aircraft is ready to go, all the time, whether it’s for your use or a charter offset program.

Management Made Easy

Owning your own aircraft should be a benefit, not a burden. RAIR’s aircraft management expertise enables you to focus on other things so you don’t waste valuable time dealing with maintenance, compliance, fuel prices, hangar space and other details.


Your private or corporate aircraft will be in good hands at RAIR. Our aircraft management
professionals will:



Maximize Your Investment

An aircraft that is sitting idle is an untapped resource! Your aircraft can become a valuable means of maximizing your investment as part of our charter fleet. RAIR will handle all aspects of the private charter process for you, while you reap the rewards. 







You are


If you are ready to relax and let RAIR take the reins, contact us so we can customize an aircraft management program that meets your needs and goals.